9 Months

Nine months seems like such a short period of time, and yet, it’s long enough to grow a baby. It’s almost long enough for an entire school year — you need 10 months for that, but at 40 weeks, maybe that’s also true for the baby. πŸ™‚ It was also the exact amount of time that I was at Bellmoore. On Wednesday morning, I found out that this would be my last day at Bellmoore. Starting on Thursday, I would begin as a Reading Specialist at another school.

I’m not against change: Hillcrest will be the tenth school that I’ve taught at in 22+ years. I knew in this Reading Specialist role that change is always a possibility, and I welcome the new learning that comes from a new location, new connections, and new colleagues. A variety of uncontrollable, but understandable factors, made my knowledge of this switch a little later than it might usually be, but this past year has taught me a lot about flexibility. Why not end on a flexible note?!

Saying “goodbye” is never easy, and Wednesday definitely came with a lot of hugs, a lot of tears, and a lot of special moments. Just like when I started my time at Bellmoore, I ended my time there without taking a single photograph or video of student learning. The only classroom image I shared on that day was one captured by a Grade 1/2 teacher at the school.

I think that this stream of tweets sums up my day best.

On Wednesday, I made memories of my time at Bellmoore, and while it might have been one of the most emotionally-draining days of my career, it was also a special end to a special nine months. Everyone at the school made me feel so very loved, even to the very last tweet from the principal on Wednesday night.

Nine months does not always seem like long enough, but in those nine months …

  • a significant number of Grade 1 students learned how to read.
  • small group instruction became a priority in classroom practice.
  • educators reflected on student growth as a team, and we made changes together based on these reflections.
  • attitudes towards reading changed for the better — more students saw themselves as “readers” and took risks that they weren’t taking before.
  • we started a systematic and structured approach to phonics instruction, which helped support decoding skills and writing skills.
  • we explored the connection between reading and writing, and created an Epic Play Project, which addressed both.
  • we looked at how to ensure that ALL students were meeting with success, which sometimes meant modifying practices and consulting different educator teams.
  • we saw what was possible when we worked together as a team.

I have so much love for my Bellmoore family, while I am also so excited about the new year ahead.

As I’ve learned from The MEHRIT Centre, emotions can be complicated, and I experienced that for myself this week. What are your notable experiences and learning from the past nine months? There’s no time like the present to make a difference, as we never know what the future holds. A lot can happen in nine months.


2 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. Change is hard, but you are good at what you do and will now share those skills in a new setting with new educators and students who will benefit tremendously. I always appreciate how you share your journey, and look forward to the next chapter. Enjoy your summer!

    • Thanks Janet! I’ve always appreciate your support along the way. I’m sure that I’ll be connecting with you again soon. Thanks, as always, for the vote of confidence! Here’s to a wonderful new learning adventure!


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