Being Certain That It’s Time To Embrace The Uncertain: My #OneWord For August

Last month, I shared my #oneword for July, as I continue to explore monthly goals and new learning. My Camp Power experiences had me thinking about leadership, and the role that connections play in leading. I continue to be really … Continue reading

How Do You “Lead?” Unpacking My #OneWordX12 For July.

Inspired by Beth Lyons, I’ve decided to set a one word goal each month. Last month, “breathe” seemed like a good word, as some uncertainty on if our Board would be making one more pivot and returning in-person before June … Continue reading

Let’s PAUSE: My Evolving #OneWordONT Goal

While I’m not a huge New Year’s resolution person (often breaking most of my resolutions anyway), I do love the #onewordONT project, as a way to frame some of my personal and professional learning for the year. I’ve worked my … Continue reading

Flipping The Balance Paradigm: My #OneWordONT Goal That Was Not To Be

A few weeks ago when I wrote my #onewordONT post on play, I actually had a different word in mind. I was finally going to look at balance. I know that it appears as though I’m not good with “balance.” I … Continue reading