How Do You Make Report Cards And Communications Of Learning Work In The Time Of A COVID Shutdown?

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the moments online that make me smile. In this post, I also referred to a recent one by Lisa Corbett, and I mentioned that Doug Peterson highlighted Lisa’s post in his This Week … Continue reading

My Communications of Learning Are Done … And I Feel Sad??

I just finished writing my last Communication of Learning. I still need to proofread them before handing them in, but the writing process is basically done now. On one hand, I’m overjoyed. It’s almost a case of #CueTheHappyDance, these three … Continue reading

When A “Communication Of Learning” Writing Weekend Becomes A Reflection On Goal Setting …

I just finished my Communications of Learning. As much as I actually liked writing them, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders when I finally sent the PDF copy to my principal. Like I usually do, I shared … Continue reading

Is it possible that I actually love the Communication of Learning?

There’s no doubt about it … I should definitely be going to bed right now. And if I’m not, I should be writing Communications of Learning. But I’m not doing either. I’m blogging … because I’ve been inspired to blog and … Continue reading

My Non-Report Card Writing Experience

Today, our Board had an Assessment and Reporting PA Day. Just last year, this would be the day where I would be writing Communications of Learning and connecting with Paula about comments for students. It seems strange to not have … Continue reading