Resurrecting Twitter For PD: Will Others Join Me In #ONLang2023?

As I was vacillating on a few different blog posts to write today, I read Doug Peterson‘s morning post on cursive writing and the new Language Curriculum Document. I left one comment at the time, but soon, some replies from … Continue reading

Does Printing Always Have To Come First?

Over four years ago now, I had the “summer of cursive.” Different articles predominated the media about cursive writing, and I became involved in numerous Twitter chats with other Ontario educators about the pros and cons of cursive writing. My … Continue reading

Getting Giddy, And Now Exploring Why

My grandmother always used to call me, “giddy,” and I actually thought of her — and this comment — at our Staff Meeting on Thursday. The Staff Meeting started off as most Staff Meetings do, but it was when we started travelling … Continue reading

How Do We Make Coding A Real Choice?

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to meet with Enzo Ciardelli: a fellow teacher in the Board and a strong advocate for coding (and computer science) in the classroom. It was during our discussion that I had an epiphany: coding … Continue reading

When Do We Discuss What?

I was in a PD session last week. We were talking about Class Act and how to develop phonemic awareness skills in our students. It wasn’t long before we started talking about teaching printing, as printing the letters is part of these … Continue reading