Differentiated Instruction Does Work

Here’s what I know about differentiated instruction: 1) You really need to know your students. What do they already know? What do they find difficult? How might their interests overlap with the curriculum expectations? How can you best deliver the content so that … Continue reading

MOORE Thinking And Learning To Do

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to tune in virtually to a little of Shelley Moore‘s presentation that she gave to some educators in our Board and in a neighbouring Board. This is the first time that I’ve listened to Shelley … Continue reading

All I Really Needed To Know About How To Be A Teacher, I Learned From Teaching Students With Autism: My Updated Version

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day: a day that means a lot to me. While I have not taught students that have been identified with autism for many years now, I have taught many students in the past that have … Continue reading

Popping The Top Off This “Inclusion” Can Of Worms

Have you ever read an article that you can’t get out of your head? This is what happened to me earlier this week when someone shared with me this article about the “illusion of inclusion.” This blog post is not going to … Continue reading