My #VisibleLearning Around Pedagogical Documentation

Every year, I like to consider ways that I can improve my teaching practices. I try to develop my goals/plans with the kids in mind: always considering how these changes could positively impact on them and their learning opportunities at … Continue reading

Hello Kinderland! Are we really in a world of our own?

I’d like to think that a bit of Kindergarten can make its way into any grade. It was really when I taught Grades 5 and 6 that I learned to love the play-based/inquiry-based approach that is prevalent in the Kindergarten … Continue reading

Where Do You Look? A Shaky View Of Our Classroom World!

During my summer position at Camp Power, I had many opportunities to go into different classrooms and work with children and instructors. I love to document learning, and when I was in these rooms, I often did that. It was … Continue reading

The Complex, Messy Wonderfulness That Is Learning!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog post on my evolving thoughts around pedagogical documentation and how I share this learning with others. I really thought that moving away from separate blog posts may be the way to … Continue reading