Looking Back At My “One Word” And Looking Forward To A New “One!”

Yesterday, I caught Sue Dunlop‘s tweeted challenge in response to Donna’s Fry‘s recent blog post. I knew that I needed to update my “one word” post, as so much of what I’ve done this year has revolved around this word: being uncomfortable. … Continue reading

The Path To My #onewordONT Goal

Today I felt inspired to blog. I’ve taken a little break from blogging — and really “academic life” — this week, as I nurse the holiday cold that so many of our students had before the Winter Break. I decided to enjoy … Continue reading

Taking On This Four-Letter Word One More Time!

Play. It’s a four-letter word that continues to have a negative connotation, or so it seems. I’m not talking here about teacher-directed play, or contrived play scenarios. I’m talking about free play. Truly free. Letting children do what they love to do, and … Continue reading