EDTV and Parent Engagement: Possibilities For The Upcoming School Year

Over 11 years ago, Aaron Puley and I started conversing, sharing, and reflecting on parent engagement together. At the time, he was the Parent and Student Engagement Consultant for our Board, and now, he’s a vice principal. I’m reminded of … Continue reading

Parent Engagement In The Time Of COVID: What Does It Look Like For You?

As we all know, the Coronavirus changed lots of things in education. One thing that changed as a result of it was parent engagement. Some ways that we used to connect with parents, and they used to connect with us, … Continue reading

MS Teams And Parent Engagement: An Evolving Process

When learning went online back in March, our Board was transitioning between Google and Microsoft. My teaching partner, Paula, and I started to use Microsoft Teams with our kindergarten students for some small group playdates. We definitely did not use … Continue reading

Real Relationships: Are They Key To Parent Engagement?

With all of Lisa Thompson‘s announcements over the Break, edu-Twitter has been a very vocal space. While I’ve read more tweets than I’ve responded to, I have been incredibly interested to see what people are thinking, what questions they have, … Continue reading

A Story Of DPA, Family Engagement, And A New Perspective

As many of my blog readers know, I’m very passionate about a number of topics in education, one of which is parent engagement. Both Aaron Puley, a vice principal in our Board, and Nancy Angevine-Sands, a family engagement specialist, have … Continue reading