A Broken Stapler And A Little Perspective!

After school today, my teaching partner, Paula, shared a wonderful video and story with me. Paula and I both believe in fostering independence in our students, and we try to let them solve various problems on their own … including that … Continue reading

Did I Just Require A Change In Perspective?

Back in December, I selected my “one word goal” for this year, and never did I realize that I would be thinking about this word so much during my new position this summer. As part of my position at Camp … Continue reading

What If We Saw Things From The Child’s Perspective?

I am re-reading Stuart Shanker‘s Calm, Alert, and Learning as part of a School Book Club. As I’ve mentioned in some previous blog posts, each chapter that I re-read, coupled with my new learning through the Foundations Courses, help give me a … Continue reading