Epic Play. Epic Learning. Epically Wonderful.

I don’t usually use my professional blog as a space to share a learning story, but it was the evolution of this one that makes me want to share it here. Also, with my current position as a Reading Specialist, … Continue reading

Could Play Build Stamina?

I’ve been thinking a lot about stamina lately. It’s a word that comes up in many conversations that I have with educators, particularly when it comes to reading and writing. The Grade 1 teachers and I are working on a … Continue reading

Can Play And Reading Instruction Co-Exist? A Closer Look At This School Year.

Recently, I saw a conversation on Twitter. A kindergarten teacher was sharing her reading score data, and mentioned how a structured literacy approach was allowing all of her students to meet with success. A.trustee replied to this tweet and commended … Continue reading

Mud Play Beyond K: What Happens When Other Grades Join In?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our outdoor portable mud kitchen. Even though I might teach at one of the lucky schools that has access to green space, these grassy areas are not always available for us or way … Continue reading

“Baby Dunsiger And Kid Crockett”: Our Changing Role In Play

It’s a wonderful time of the year in kindergarten, but it’s also a strange time that has us re-thinking our role in the classroom. All year long, my teaching partner, Paula, and I have been working hard with kids to … Continue reading