What If We All Took Some Lessons From Kindergarten?

Today, our Board was inservicing instructional coaches on the finalized Full-Day Kindergarten Program document. A friend of mine, Bill Forrester, is an instructional coach, and he mentioned me on many tweets from today. Bill asked a number of great questions, … Continue reading

Scared Scripted

As our Board continues to focus on “all children reading by Grade 1,” we’ve been reminded to look back at some resources that came our way a number of years ago. These resources — particularly around modelled reading — have some great lessons … Continue reading

One More Uncomfortable Look At The 100th Day of School

For most schools in Ontario, this upcoming week marks two big celebrations: Valentine’s Day and the 100th Day of School. This post is about one of these: the 100th Day. My thinking on this day has evolved a lot over the years. … Continue reading