When It Comes To Reading Assessments, What Do You Do?

Our school is part of the Board’s Early Literacy Inquiry, and I’ve really enjoyed my new learning thanks to this project. Not only am I learning more about different assessment and intervention tools, but this project is making me think … Continue reading

Can Play And Reading Instruction Co-Exist? A Closer Look At This School Year.

Recently, I saw a conversation on Twitter. A kindergarten teacher was sharing her reading score data, and mentioned how a structured literacy approach was allowing all of her students to meet with success. A.trustee replied to this tweet and commended … Continue reading

Exploring The Wonderful Messy Side Of Building Capacity

This past week, I had the opportunity to facilitate a PD session with the Grade 1 team. While there were a couple of topics included in this three period session, the big focus was on assessment and evaluation. With report … Continue reading

Play: My #OneWord Goal

It’s the end of another year, which means that it’s also time to select my #oneword for 2019. Thanks to some inspiration from Sue Dunlop, I’ve been choosing a single word focus for the past four years. Last year, I … Continue reading