A Coded World: What Might Be Possible Offline?

Tomorrow, almost all elementary educators in Ontario begin a week of remote learning with their students. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this, especially since I’ve heard from numerous teachers that this could be a great time to … Continue reading

Authors, Mathematicians, Researchers, And Scientists: Are We Calling Them By Name?

I’ll admit right up front that this poll resulted from boredom and maybe a little jealousy. As I was scrolling through Twitter and Instagram on Sunday, I kept seeing photographs and mentions of Easter dinners. As someone who doesn’t celebrate … Continue reading

Our COVID-19 Reality: What Shows Would You Recommend?

Yesterday, I posted a list of ten play-based learning activities that could help support kindergarten learning at home during our extended Break. While there are only 10 ideas in the list, each idea is full of other suggestions, so these … Continue reading