Ode To Toby: Looking Back With My New Self-Regulation Lens

As part of my final project for Foundations 4, I am re-exploring some blog posts that I wrote in the past (before taking the courses through The MEHRIT Centre). I am going to update these posts based on my new … Continue reading

Looking Back And Looking Ahead – My Look At Self-Regulation Over Time

Almost three years ago, I read Stuart Shanker’s Calm, Alert, and Learning. This was part of a Book Club for our Board, and when I decided to join the Book Club, I did so skeptically. I thought that self-regulation was … Continue reading

Looking At Classroom Management Through A Self-Regulation Lens

Sixteen years ago, I was in the Faculty of Education and doing some of my first teaching placements. In each of my placements, I still remember the importance placed on “classroom management.” What did a well-managed class look like and sound like? … Continue reading

How Do You Capture The Essence Of Each Child?

Tomorrow begins the last week of our school year. I’m feeling kind of sad today just thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong: I am looking forward to sleeping in, reading some great books, spending time with friends, and having a … Continue reading

What If It’s About Opting Out So That We Can Join Back In Again?

I started off my Friday as I always do, by reading Doug Peterson‘s This Week In Ontario Edublogs post. Today’s post happened to include a response to a recent blog post of mine. Now strangely enough, this post was in response to … Continue reading