Being Certain That It’s Time To Embrace The Uncertain: My #OneWord For August

Last month, I shared my #oneword for July, as I continue to explore monthly goals and new learning. My Camp Power experiences had me thinking about leadership, and the role that connections play in leading. I continue to be really … Continue reading

Teacher Performance Appraisal: Hearing From First Year Voices

On Friday, I started off my day as I always do, reading Doug Peterson‘s This Week In Ontario Edublogs post. One of the posts included that caught my attention was Laura Bottrell‘s blog post on the Teacher Performance Appraisal process. … Continue reading

If You Weren’t There To Witness The Learning, Did It Still Happen?

Yes, my TPA (evaluation)/Snow Day cancellation record has almost become the next great comedy routine … Apparently we do! Third TPA cancellation due to weather and one due to a meeting. This must be a new record! 🙂 #AvivaHoldsTheRecordForTheLongestTPAProcessEver — … Continue reading

Our Writing Table Conundrum: What Would You Do?

My teaching partner, Paula, and I spend a lot of time after school and through texts, talking. We talk kids. We talk program. We talk Self-Reg. We just talk, listen, and talk some more. Certain conversation topics come up again … Continue reading

Pausing A #PukeAlert Thanks To The Triangulation Of Data

Not too long before I went to bed last night, I sent out this tweet. While I know that my TPA (evaluation) may be for my own professional growth/practice, and my principal has been so incredibly supportive, can I just … Continue reading