Sharing Our Stories

Today was our monthly Reading Specialist Meeting at the Board. As part of our afternoon session, we watched some of the Right To Read Inquiry Public Hearing. This video segment is a powerful one, and while we probably watched less … Continue reading

MOORE Thinking And Learning To Do

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to tune in virtually to a little of Shelley Moore‘s presentation that she gave to some educators in our Board and in a neighbouring Board. This is the first time that I’ve listened to Shelley … Continue reading

“Can I See My Schedule?”: A Look At Independence And Self-Advocacy

Recently, I met a teacher friend for brunch. As we were chatting about school and life, she started to speak about IEPs (Individual Education Plans). Our Board’s IEP process has changed this year, and many modified IEPs have become accommodated … Continue reading

Back To The Map Of Canada: What Do You Do With That 2%?

On Thursday after school, we had a Staff Meeting. Our vice principal, Moojean Seo, facilitated a math professional development session, which later inspired me to send this tweet. Thanks to @moojean_seo for leading such a wonderful Math PD session at … Continue reading

Does Dysregulation Build Empathy? A Different Look At Re-Org.

Re-organization. In our Board, it’s a reality at this time of the year. I’ve been through re-organization numerous times in the past 19 years: from the teacher that had to leave a school due to seniority to the teacher that lost or … Continue reading