Epic Play. Epic Learning. Epically Wonderful.

I don’t usually use my professional blog as a space to share a learning story, but it was the evolution of this one that makes me want to share it here. Also, with my current position as a Reading Specialist, … Continue reading

Shifting Thinking. Shifting Practice. Re-Thinking Both.

As part of our Reading Specialist professional development, we’ve been reading and discussing, Shifting the Balance. I actually read this book back in September when I applied to the Reading Specialist team, as I wanted to gain a better understanding … Continue reading

“Connecting Versus Correcting” With The Help Of Podcasting

Over the winter holidays, I read a fantastic Ministry resource, Think, Feel, Act: Lessons From Research About Young Children. The resource features many of my favourite minds on Early Childhood Education, including a wonderful article on pages 5-10 by Dr. … Continue reading

Could Play Build Stamina?

I’ve been thinking a lot about stamina lately. It’s a word that comes up in many conversations that I have with educators, particularly when it comes to reading and writing. The Grade 1 teachers and I are working on a … Continue reading